Evolution TT Cup III - THE ISLE OF MAN - RULES [English]

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Evolution TT Cup III - THE ISLE OF MAN - RULES [English]

Mensagem  Trial the Echidna em Qui Maio 14, 2009 2:54 pm

Hello Friends! It’s with very happiness that we open the 2nd Tourist Trophy Competition of 2009 with some news and we hope you have fun! The main innovation is that we will have at each stage a kind of Qualify, where the riders only will know the approved bike and track for the stage, which can be at Arcade / Race, Arcade / Time Trial and other surprises that we have created specially for this competition. The riders will send your ghost saves or replay saves for sharing with the rest of the riders before the end of stage, that I hope that will be fun, because we can choose one or more saves between all that was sent and “run against”, but they’re not obligated to run on the Qualify. This certainly will help on the learning of the riders, because each rider have a way to ride, and we have those that have been sent by the riders at our order to run at the race of each stage. The initial hint is that all riders stay watchful at the rules and the approved items to don’t have mistakes.



1.1 – TIMES: We will start each stage at Thrusdays and we have until the 20:00 of Sundays (01:00 of Mondays at France) to send the save of Qualify (track and bike). If have participations on Qualify, we will host the saves to downloading of all riders after the end of time to sending the qualify. At Saturdays we will post the Main Race and the riders will have until 8 days to send your final saves (on the following Sunday). On the following Monday, until the 12:00 the final result is posted and we send the saves for watching.


2 – SCORE:

2.1 – QUALIFY: 0 point, free participation.

2.2 – RACE:
1st Place: 20 POINTS
2nd Place: 17 POINTS
3rd Place: 15 POINTS
4th Place: 13 POINTS
5th Place: 11 POINTS
6th Place: 9 POINTS
7th Place: 7 POINTS
8th Place: 5 POINTS
9th Place: 4 POINTS
10th Place: 3 POINTS
11th Place: 2 POINTS
12th Place and the rest of riders that send their times: 1 POINT

In some stages we will have bonus score for the rider who win the race in the adverse conditions that will be approved during the stages where we have races against the bikes of the Artificial Intelligence of the game. In the case of winning the proposed challenge, the riders will have 2 points added of your score independently of your position on the stage, only by winning these challenges. The bonus score will be written with the red color to signalize.

During a stage will be the TIME of sending of times (who send the time first wins) and on championship, the number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd places…


3.1 – Only will be accepted laps where the rider maintains the bike all the time with the two wheels on the track! Within the CURB as limit! When I refer 2 wheels on the track, I want to say that is not allowed any kind of touch off the track, nor GRASS, SAND and touches on WALL/GUARD-RAILS. The riders are free to elevate the bike, for example, since that is on the track. Depending on the stage, could be added or retired rules, for this only check out the topic of the stage.

3.2 – On stages that is on Arcade Mode / Race, will be a tolerance for little “touches” between the bikes, since that is SIDE TOUCHES AND DON´T CHANGE THE TRAJETORY OF THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RIDER. Touches that the fault was of the Artificial Intelligente Rider will be accepted too, to increase the emotion.


4.1 – If the touches quoted on 3.2 item changes the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Rider very much, will be a penalty of a half of second of the rider (0.500 seconds). If the rider cause the drop of the A.I. Rider will be a penalty of 1 (one) second. If you drop during the lap, the lap will be disqualified. In the case of penalties on the time, the time of the rider will appear on the yellow color.


5.1 – The riders will only need to send their replays on the last day set, so as Qualify for Race. In the case on the rider(s) don’t send their save approved for the Qualify or Race on the set time (could be ghost save or replay) your time will be disqualified.

5.2 – The address to send the times and the saves is gtspace@live.com.


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