Evo TT Cup III - "THE ISLE OF MAN" - 4th Stage - WARM UP!

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Evo TT Cup III - "THE ISLE OF MAN" - 4th Stage - WARM UP!

Mensagem  Trial the Echidna em Sex Jul 17, 2009 3:27 pm

Hello Riders! We present the warm of the 4th Stage telling a little more of the history of The Isle of Man, looking forward by the starting of this stage, that comes on a different mode, that, by the tests, it promises many emotion, already by the first time that we will run with a 80's bike against a 'road rocket'...but this history we leave to saturday, start of the stage. On Warm Up, as usual we will present the bike and the track of the stage. By now, we will stay with the history of TT:

In 1911, the chosen circuit was of the Mountain with 60KM. In that year was the first vicoty of a non-english bike. Was won by a american Indian, moreover make the 2nd and 3rd places. This bike was very modern and evolved, and had a 2-Gear transmission (!!!), that gave a huge advantage on large uphills on the Mountain´s course. The Mountain´s Course have 256 turns, and straights of 6KM, with many bridges, jumps, walls, uphills and other surprises... The categories would be: Light 250cc, Junior 350cc and Senior 500cc. At this point, the event was traditional and had a strong turistic and economic appeal for the Island. The manufacturers, feeling their importance, started to invest heavily on the competition. BMW, Norton, Triumph, Moto Guzzi, Gilera... all wanted to win!
Then comes the 2nd World War... The Isle of man stopped!
In 1947, the events restart. Was won by a Norton 500, rode by Harold Daniell, with a medium of 133,2km/h. This Norton 500´s victory led to the special edition, Nortom Manx, how they are called for who born in the Island.

On the 50´s, more changes on categories, bikes, displacement, etc. In 1957, on Jubileu event, 50 years, the winner was bob McLyntre, with a Gilera 500 with 4 cylinders, running the 483km with a medium, by the first time on the history, above 100 MPH (162,7KM/H) on the fastest lap.

From there, the competition passed by a low period, with some manufacturers like Gilera, Guzzi and others going out of the competition, a small public, monotonous events... The Tourist Trophy´s shine was dimmed. On the 60´s, the japaneses started to participate with the official support of the manufacturers. It was the 'glamour lap' of the Isle of Man. In 1967, the first victory of a japanese, a Honda 500, rode by none other than Mike "The Byke" Hailwood, with a medium record, 108,77MPH, i.e., 175KM/H! This record remained by 9 years, only falling in 1976, on the event won by Mick Grant, riding a Kawasaki, with a medium of 176,59KM/H (109,82MPH).

AAt this point, the Tourist Trophy was a trully worldwide event, being called by european Daytona. The first week of Juny transformed the island on the "Motorcycling´s Mecca" and was visited by thousands of tourists. It had old events, categories from 50cc, and crazy prototypes, like a 12-Gear Transmission Suzuki, and called by Mad Sunday, where the track was free for the crazy guys (public), that literally destroyed theirselves by the circuit...
In 1977 Phill Read make your return to the tracks and win the Formula 1 category of Man.

In 1978, on the main category, the superbike, a Kawasaki 750, rode by Mick Grant is the great star: Was the first time that the time-per-lap fell from the 20 minutes. On Formula 1 class, the victory is of Mike Hailwood with a Ducati Desmo 750.

In 1979, Mike, The Byke give the change on Mick Grant, and fell the time to 19'45, with a Suzuki 500, with a medium of 183,69KM/H, on superbike category.



How it doesn´t worth score, you can go to the track with any uniform. Who want and can participate can run at TT Mode > Practice, set the bike at your taste and send the ghost save until SUNDAY, July 19th, 2009, until 20:00, Brazillian Time. The address to send the times is gtspace@live.com . REMEMBER: WHO SET THE BIKE TAKE ADVANTAGE ON THE RACE, THEN LET´S GO TO THE TRACK!!!

Good Laps to all!!!
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